2004 Week 15 -- Bell Football Pool

2004 Week 15: Bell Football Pool Picks

Names are listed in alphabetical order (by last name).

The teams with grey text are the away teams, teams in bold are home. When the games are over, green teams are correct picks and red teams are incorrect.

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NAME WEEK YTD 12345678910111213141516
paul andrews 8143
Andy Bell 12173
big pete bell 7161
Jim the All Knowing Bell 10160
richard bing bell 9147
Rick Bell 10169
spencer bell 9132
Tom Burgoon 9169
Mark Fleming 11159
Jill Franklin 11162
Brian Funk 9162
Steve Johanson 9170
Don Knight 7135
Aaron Martinek 7125
John Perrelli 88
Ann Rea 9156
William Rea 10149
paul siegmund 10161
bob smock 11170
dorothy smock 6154
Matt Voorhees 9157
Uneducated Guess Winter 6147
Sean Yackulak 5145